Law and Justice Discussion Group

Magali Brosio, Marcelo Carvalho Loureiro, Zeenat Beebeejaun, Celine Hocquet and myself recently started the PostMillennial Law Group. This is a group within the Global Legal Studies group at the School of Law, with the goal of organising activities that support the academic work of postgraduate students within our School.

In one of our recent meetings, some postgraduate students indicated that they would like to learn more about legal and political theory, maybe in the form of a seminar. I was thrilled to hear this, because I love legal and political theory. I told them that I would gladly organise a seminar, but that there is way too much to talk about. The idea of a discussion group / seminar series was born.

Starting in January 2021, the Law and Justice Discussion Group will provide a platform for postgraduate law students to learn about the basics of legal and political in an informal setting. (It’s also a cheeky way for me to get to do some ‘teaching,’ which I was really missing). We’ve set a topic list which aims to give a super quick, yet thorough overview of the fields. An introductory PowerPoint with the provisional topic list is available here:

If you have any questions about this group, have suggestions, or would like to get involved, please get in touch.

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